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Monday, January 7, 2019

About MedMetrics' Analytics-Informed Medical Management

MedMetrics Perspective
MedMetrics’ principals have been analyzing Workers’ Compensation medical management program data, monitoring incoming data, and delivering technical tools and insights to its customers for over 25 years. Their previous company, Health Management Technologies, Inc. offered an occupational health practice management software system that also included medical case management functionality. HMT was sold in 1999 and MedMetrics, LLC was formed in 2004 to advance its clients’ medical management programs with analytics-informed technical tools.

MedMetrics’ technology tools have evolved over the last 25+ years, always designed to offer optimum, concurrent insights into medical management processes and outcomes. Most recently, MedMetrics has added benchmarking and Medical Management Program Quality Certification to its technical service portfolio.

Because of its many years of collecting and analyzing Workers’ Compensation medical management data, MedMetrics benchmarks by comparing performance to the best. Benchmarking offers organizations the ability to see beyond their walls to learn how they measure up to the industry’s best and to recognize areas of superiority as well as where improvement is needed.

The medical portion of claims now amounts to 60% of claim cost, challenging medical management organizations to measure, report, and defend program effectiveness. MedMetrics measures and compares performance, then portrays results for its clients confidentially.

Quality management plan
Benchmarking executed regularly will automatically establish a dynamic and measurable medical management quality program for the organization. Moreover, regular benchmarking leads to Medical Management Program Quality Certification.

Please inquire with MedMetrics for details regarding benchmarking and its other knowledge tools.  information@medmetrics.org.